Contemporary home decor and accessories

Solar LED Light

Urban Barn Solar LED Light


This solar LED Light operates on sunlight and needs no electrical wiring.   Turns on automatically at dusk.

11″ x  11″ x  32”H

Hibi Incense

Hibi Japanese Incense Stick


Hibi (“day by day” in Japanese) is an incense match that you can light easily without a lighting device, giving out a soothing aroma.

Available in three Japanese fragrances: Japanese Cypress, Sandalwood and Cinnamon.

Burning time: 10 minutes

Adama Vinyl Mats

Adama Vinyl Mats


View 2018 Adama-Vinyl-Mats-Catalogue,  2018 Adama Canada Best Sellers

Water resistant
Easy to clean
Come in different designs and a range of round and rectangular sizes:

23.62” x 3.49”

23.62” x 47.24”

23.62” x 94.48”

66.92” x 94.48”

78.74” x 118.11”

Ø 47.24”

Ø 70.86”

Made in USA

Adama for your home office, typically anywhere!

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